International Relations and Trade

Representing the overseas foreign companies in Turkey and the Middle East. Carrying out the advertisement and regional construction of the company throughout Turkey. Making the company leader in its field and selling the products and servicing of all the foreign companies that we represent with our experienced experts in those fields. Integrating the latest technological products and various services that are used in the world into Turkey. At the same time, advertising and selling the products and services that are produced by the local firms with the solution partners in overseas in the international market. Introducing the products that are produced with the quality and capacity of the production platform in Turkey with the world market. Thus, becoming the gate, which is open to overseas, for the local firms. Becoming the partner of the local firms with all our overseas and domestic opportunities.

Becoming Domestic Sales Support and Solution Partner

Advertising products and servicing of the local firms both regional and nationwide. Creating a dealer network ad coordinating their sales. Supporting their sales operations by structuring and developing their sales marketing units. Providing any kind of equipment that are requested by coordinating all the operations with the solution partners from a single headquarters. Carrying the firms into the future with joint operations. Providing the firms to reach their sales goals with foreign Know how and our team who are experienced in every sales channels. Providing a service not only in sales but also in the field after sale and relieving the firms’ operational burden by coordinating them. Providing a service with professional supervisors who can carry out any kind of field operations with available fixed and mobile equipment.

Management and Sales Construction–Consulting

Providing consultancy and training about the dynamics of the firm including constructing firms, establishing Management Models and creating the whole marketing strategies which are pursued in Foreign and Domestic Market. Becoming the solution partner of the firms, which we provide service, and make them the Leaders of their sector. Preparing the firms for future by instilling the norms of emerging time and the world. Coordinating the model changes, which will occur with the expansion of the firms. Renovating the firms’ supply and demand strategies, which change in parallel with time. Bringing achievements by determining the management models and marketing strategies of the firms. Building on the conscious of service and customer satisfaction after sales within a permanent success. Achieving permanent success with Training and Consulting.


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