OUR OBJECTIVE is to offer the newly developed products and solutions in the world with the trustworthy firms we cooperate, which have proven their quality worldwide, to our valuable customers and business partners in the fastest, easiest and the most appropriate way.

Providing products and services to the companies, which are in need of professional solutions on various issues, with a professional service, unconditional customer satisfaction and transparent and honest management.

OUR VALUES are professional understanding, ethical behaviours, taking responsibility, developing constantly and enriching our customers.

OUR MISSION is to analyze the progresses of the establishments for their advantages by being result-oriented, to determine the appropriate product, working model and consulting manner and to improve and enrich the corporate structure.

OUR VISION is to improve the firms, personnel and the products together.

OUR GOALS are to represent the foreign suppliers in order to provide the quality service and high-tech products, to advertise the products and services and to fulfill the needs of our customers by selling and providing service.

EAS is a values-driven organization, which can fulfill all the needs of the rapidly-emerging sectors.
Our firm, which takes to fulfill the expectations of the customers completely and on time in all operations as principle, will continue to provide sophisticated and reliable services for our foreign business partners by developing and extending its products and portfolios constantly.

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